Terms & conditions

Read the following terms before continuing to our services. Do not continue on our website or use our services in anyway if you do not agree to our terms of use. Violation of those terms can and will result in serious action to be taken in the court of law..

Acceptance of terms

By continuing to our services you hereby declare to agree to our terms and conditions of use. Continuing on the website without complying with our services is prohibited and can result in drastic measures. Kindly make sure that you accept and agree to all our terms before you go ahead on the website.

Description of services

It is to declare that Link2tutors.com provides tutoring services to its clients. We act as a platform for client user interaction and vice versa. The experts on our website are at liberty to use any material or information provided by the client in any way they desire.


Any user who is above the age of 18 is at liberty to register with our professional services. A client can and will register to our services only after providing the standard information like name, age, the reason for registering etc.

Privacy Policy

None of the clients has the right to invade or damage the privacy of the company or the website in any way. A user who is found to be a part of any such activity will face serious action from the court of law. It is absolutely necessary for clients to abide by our policy and ensure the privacy of the company at all times.


Every user is obligated to abide by the code of conduct of the website. Any client found causing problems, obstacles or disruptions of any kind on the website will be permanently banned.

Retaining of information

The company is at liberty to hold on to any information provided by the client for as long as it wishes. Additionally, the company has the right to change/update its privacy policy any time it wishes. Any changes made by the company at any time cannot be challenged legally in the court of law or any other forum.